Sunday, March 11, 2007

47th place Duo Open @ 24 Hrs. in the Old Pueblo

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Schedule

2007 Schedule

Feb. 17-18 24 hours in the Old Pueblo Tucson, AZ. Duo

April 29 Ironman Ride Lakeville, MN. Family

May 19 Cable Classic Cable, WI. Tandem

May 26-27 24 hours of Boyne* Boyne, MI. SS Solo

June 23 8 hours of Cannonsburg* Cannonsburg, MI. SS Solo

July 21 12 hours of Ithaca* Ithaca, MI. SS Solo

July 28-29 24 hours at 9 mile Wausau, WI. Duo

Aug. 18 12 hours of Pando* Rockford, MI. SS Solo

Sept. 1-2 24 hours of Drummond Is.* Drummond Is., MI. SS Solo

Sept. 15 12 hours of Hanson Hills* Grayling, MI. SS Solo

Nov. 10 Iceman Traverse City, MI. Tandem

*Michigan Cup Endurance Series

Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

2 week collage

A couple weekends ago I did the WORS race in Wausau. I thought it would be good to get out there once before 24/9 although the course used for the WORS race is much different than the 24 hour race. I had a good race although I was a little under geared. There was a huge pile-up at the start of my wave but I made it through. The following weekend I did my first WEMS race of the year at John Muir. We arrived at 6am to cold and rain which made it a bit difficult to get motivated . It stopped raining around 8am and was very muddy for the next few hours. The 6 and 3 hour races had huge turn outs. Team New-Mart was well represented: I did the 12 hour, Scott did the 6 hour, and Mike and Wade did the 3 hour. Penn Cycle figured out a way to keep the Thursday night series at Buck Hill going to I grabbed the 29er and headed out. They mowed/cut singletrack in the face of the ski hills and the tree lines seperating the runs. Laps were about 3 miles long. My next race is going to be the 12 Hours of Metro next weekend. I'm also planning on doing the WORS race the following weekend in Eau Claire. I also hope to do a few couple more Buck Hill races as my schedule permits. Good times!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alpine Valley Recap.

We decided to hit up the 2nd WORS race this weekend. It was the Alpine Valley race down in SE Wisconsin. I wasnt feeling that great but we were staying at the resort so I was looking forward to a nice weekend away. We arrived friday night and I had a nasty head and chest cold but was hoping I would feel better on Sunday. Saturday we slept in and then had breakfast at the resort, which had opened that weekend. We then drove into town for some snacks, etc. When we got back, I got ready and pre-rode a lap. This course has a ton of climbing and 3 creek crossings. The weather was a bit chilly in the AM but turned into a perfect day for racing. I felt better on Sunday but was still congested and didnt do very well in the race. Before the season ends I want to be competitive in one of these races. My next race looks to be the WORS #3 race at 9 mile forest in 2 weeks.

Here is a picture of Melissa and I after we pre-rode the kids race course.

After the 3rd creek crossing there was a nasty steep uphill which I had to run.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Here is a picture of Kenny and Kevin in their first race, the Cable Classic. Kraig and I are behind the dude in black with red on the sleeves.

Melissa and Elliot @ Iola Bump & Jump

Front row?!?!

"BMX" Bill helping Melissa in the kids race. Thanks Bill!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Cable Classic Recap

Here is a quick recap from the race this past weekend. Kraigness and I won the Tandem class in the 18 mile race. It was epic - rain, cold, mud. I will post pictures and a longer write up later when i get caught up with work, etc.